Jewelry Cleaning Kit

If your diamond or other precious stone jewellry is starting to appear a bit bluish, you could restore its sparkle and shine with an in-home jewelry cleaning kit. The secret to cleaning jewels is not getting them wet. Many cleaners will get them wet, let them sit overnight and then use harsh chemicals that gradually dull their appearance until they're clean again. The best alternatives safely remove oxidizers, minerals and dirt from all types of precious metals and stones with a quick soak in a mild solution and a gentle polishing or brushing with soft, lint-free cloths. You'll need to clean and maintain your jewelry properly to keep it looking like new for years to come.

When looking for a jewelry cleaning kit, make sure the product contains natural or organic ingredients that won't strip the shine from your jewels. Jewelry that's been tarnished doesn't sparkle and is even more difficult to show off. The tarnish makes your jewelry look old and worn out, and can actually damage its natural sparkle. Tarnished metals can be restored to their shiny, former glory using the correct cleaner and polishing methods.

A good jewelry cleaning kit will contain two separate solutions: one to clean metal and pearls and another to clean silver and platinum. If you have pearls, your liquid jewelry cleaner kit should also contain a pearl polisher. You should never clean platinum or silver without using a good silver polisher, especially if you plan on wearing your jewelry as Swarovski crystal. Some people believe that silver and platinum are so similar to each other that it's impossible to tell the difference without a polish, but rest assured that both types of metal require some kind of polish to maintain their luster.

A jewelry cleaning kit includes a liquid detergent, cream soap, silver polish, and an applicator brush. The liquid cleaner solution should be mixed with warm water to form a thick paste. The soap and cream should then be applied to the tarnished areas, being careful not to apply too much, otherwise the spots will be difficult to remove. Next, the silver polish should be rubbed into the tarnished area until it becomes blended in with the paste. Once this step is complete, it should be allowed to dry completely.

Although most people think of a non-toxic cleaning product as something that only helps to clean precious items, a jewelry cleaning kit includes a few items that are non-hazardous as well. Items such as silver and copper coins can be cleaned by using a non-chlorinated cloth or a copper bowl, which will also keep them from tarnishing. You might also want to consider using a small amount of baking soda to polish silver, which is extremely helpful in removing stains and keeping jewelry from tarnishing. This page will help you to understand more about Sparkle Bright Products.

Other items found in the kit might include a soft cloth, such as a baby bath towel, some dish soap, a brush, some polish, and a diamond-quality polisher. You should always follow the manufacturer's instructions when applying any cleaning formula, especially those meant for use on diamonds. If you're not certain about how to properly combine these ingredients, you might want to read up on the specific cleaning formula before purchasing it. This way, if you ever experience an accident while cleaning your diamonds, you won't have an extra problem on your hands.

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